Best Netflix Movies

American Netflix has plenty of quality content that’s not available in the New Zealand library yet – here are the top movies to watch on Netflix US:

Netflix Best Movies

1.  Pulp Fiction

Pulp FictionSpeaking in context, this movie came out ten years ago, and for thousands of film lovers, it is still the best film ever to appear on the silver screen, and it doesn’t look like they’re changing their minds anytime soon.

Even though more recent works have different storytelling mechanics, and Pulp Fiction is by no means a movie for the faint of heart, it is Quentin Tarantino at the peak of his creative genius, and a tour-de-force that will blow you away.

It combines elements of action and thriller genres into a non-linear storyline that doesn’t end with the hero saving the day, at least, not in the conventional sense. The movie grips the audience from the very outset and keeps them on the edge of their seats until it ends. There is not one line of dialogue that is wasted, and a lot of subtleties are present in its non-linear plot.

The film showcases the acting talents of Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta and has spawned countless imitations, which can’t reach its intensity. Getting a US IP to access USA Netflix is worth it, just to watch this sublime piece of modern art alone.

2.  City of God

City of GodProperly known as Cidade de Deus, this movie has been applauded by numerous critics, and not without reason. It is a fine contemporary movie revolving around real-life characters and events from the destitute, neglected slums of Rio de Janeiro, where people don’t expect to live much beyond 30 years, and drug dealers call the shots.

The movie portrays the story of its characters through a young man by the name of Rocket, with his struggles to be successful in life forming the backbone, as others get involved in drug deals and gang violence.

Besides its fascinating and emotionally captivating characters, it also shines in that its actors aren’t big names from Hollywood, yet manage to play their parts admirably well. Their tales are toldconvincingly and have a certain black humor about them – which means you should be ready for some pretty nasty shocks along the way.

You may find some similarity between this movie and the works of Quentin Tarantino, if you’re a fan of the latter, with its non-linear storyline and comic-like illustrations – you may even feel inclined to call it the Brazilian ‘Goodfellas’ with a twist. Although the film itself is technically and aesthetically excellent, those who are averse to violence may want to skip over this one.

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3.  Once Upon a Time in the West

Once Upon a Time in the WestThose who have seen Audie Murphy, Glen Ford, Jimmy Steward, Alan Ladd, Richard Widmark and John Wayne movies may think they’ve seen a lot of Westerns, but this Henry Fonda movie is the true description of an authentic spaghetti western.

Engrossing from start to finish, it has all the trappings of a Western painting that can wake up that cowboy in every adventurous heart.

There isn’t a single dull moment in the movie and those who have watched classics such as ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ will enjoy it in particular.

All in all, this is bound to be one of the more visually simulating movies you’ll come across, among the must-see movies Netflix USA has to offer.

It is a true depiction of the Wild West, nothing more nothing less, and while it may have been censored now to make it more palatable for modern audiences, this doesn’t take away its authenticity.


4.  Terminator 2 – Judgement Day

Terminator 2Modern action sequels rarely manage to outshine their original movie, but this movie is from a different era and stands apart from any action movie that has come before or after it.

Set 15 years after the events of The Terminator, it shows Arnold Schwarzenegger coming back as a good Terminator to save the life of John Connor from the evil T-1000.

In spite of its simple premise, it provides an intense and emotionally charged action experience with the last 30 minutes being sheer bliss for action lovers and a finale which leaves the audience stunned. The only modern movie which comes to providing this level of unadulterated action is Mad Max – Fury Road.

Besides Arnie’s menacing and stoic performance as the robot Terminator, Linda Hamilton plays a remarkable Sara Connor. If you’re looking for the best action movie on Netflix, you don’t need to look any further.


5.  American Beauty

American BeautyIf you haven’t seen or heard of this movie before, watch it alone and ponder over it for a while – it is likely that it will alter the way you look at things in life by providing you with a window into your self – in fact, there’s yet to be a movie that does this better than American Beauty. Every piece of dialogue has a wonderful sense of purpose, and each character is a mimicry of real life – the movie successfully manages to translate real life beauty into a beautiful picture on thescreen.

You’ll find bits of yourself in each character – Lester Burnham with his desire for change, Carolyn with her failure and uncertainty, Jane with her rebellious nature, Barbara with her defeat, Angela and the Colonel with their false sense of control, and Ricky with his true one.

Personally, Ricky, as opposed to Lester, is central to the film’s story – somehow, he controls or triggers the rebirth and downfall of Mr. Burnham. This movie has several parts where you might find yourself emotionally overwhelmed, the paper bag scene being a prime example with possibly the best monolog ever writer.

Listen to the message of this movie and you’ll start finding beauty in everything; it is highly recommended for those who are suffering from depression or anxiety, and can’t find beauty in life.

Now that you know what’s good for Netflix US exclusively, it’s time to get the right subscription and start enjoying.