Netflix Streaming in New Zealand – How to Overcome Territorial Restrictions

Netflix is a U.S.-based media streaming service, so there have been numerous internet users, including New Zealanders, who couldn’t benefit of the company’s services – until now, when an ingenious VPN solution has made Netflix streaming in New Zealand possible as well.

The Benefits of Netflix Streaming in New Zealand

netflix streaming photoIf you are streaming from New Zealand or from other countries that don’t have Netflix, you may wonder why even bother to access the resources of Netflix. While there are really many streaming websites available for users globally, Netflix comes with several unequalled advantages:

It offers the largest online media database currently available. Films, TV shows and many, many more are available instantly from the Netflix streaming library. You no longer need to feel disappointed because you missed your favourite shows’ last episode – you can simply log into your Netflix account and watch it when you have the time.

New entries every day – the library is getting bigger and bigger each day. New releases are added all the time and you only have to wait a few days after the premiere to view the latest movies.

Convenient pricing – a Netflix subscription with unlimited access to media will not cost you more than a few dollars a month. If you do the maths and you calculate how much it will cost you to rent the same number of movies from a shop, you will see that Netflix can help you save a considerable amount of money.

Compatibility – Netflix can work on more than 700 different types of devices. Whether you use your home computer for Netflix streaming or you prefer a mobile device, the quality of the viewing experience will depend only on the quality of your connection and the capacity of the device.

Netflix Streaming in New Zealand – How to Workaround Restrictions

To enjoy Netflix streaming in New Zealand as well, you need two things: a U.S.-based IP address for your computer and a way of streaming that does not limit your bandwidth. One of the best ways to get both is by accessing a high-quality VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPNs are websites that will make it possible for you to connect to a U.S.-based server and to navigate towards Netflix from there.

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However, not all VPNs are created equal and many of them will limit your bandwidth, which will make streaming difficult. One of the best VPN services you can use for getting to Netflix is called All you need to do is create yourself an account on the website and they will assign your computer or mobile device the right IP address that you can use for streaming American Netflix. The site works from anywhere and it can be used across numerous different platforms from home computers and smartphones to other types of mobile devices as well.

Using is subscription-based, which will add a few more dollars to your Netflix bill, but the investment is all worthwhile – just try the free trial version of the service and you will see we are talking about.

Netflix streaming in New Zealand is now possible and actually pretty simple, so check out and start enjoying your favourite TV shows anytime you want.

20 thoughts on “Netflix Streaming in New Zealand – How to Overcome Territorial Restrictions

  1. Murray White

    Hi , well getting Netflix was easy.
    I now have a Roku 3, and for a while all was going smoothly, Playon helped get the Netflix to the home TV , then one Sunday , gone!!!
    I have spent many hours trying to sort this out with the Playon people , ( really nice,) must be getting sick of me.
    I still have no answer , still have Netflix on hte computer ( desk top) , but short of buying a laptop or a new Modem Router ( seems too complicated) I am stuck with a Roku 3 , and various religious channels or wood work channels on how to turn a perfectly good kitchen table into a gun cabinet ) .
    So any ideas how get get my Roku ,up and running.
    I will be ever so grateful.

    1. Hugo

      Hi Murray,
      I have the same issues: Hulu. Amazon everything else works but Netflix on the Roku. Netflix on my laptop works no problem. I have tried putting static routes for,, and as Getflix (My DNS supplier) suggested and it still doesn’t work. The tech from Getflix even jumped on my laptop to see if he could resolve it but gave up. Other person I spoke with gave up and bought an Amazon Fire instead.

      Have you fixed it?


  2. James

    I don’t see Netflix coming to New Zealand anytime soon. However, there are plenty of workarounds available to access it here in New Zealand. Personally, I use Unblock-US for more than a year and I can access Netflix like I am in US.

    1. Stephen Clark

      Hi. I have Unblockus running but Netflix is asking for a zipcode. Any ideas? I did read that I should be able to set up a UK account and so would be able to pay with an NZ credit card. Cant seem to get onto a site other than the US one when I try to set it up.

      1. Lohan Hill Post author

        just google US zip codes and pick one there, that will help – same as in the UK although their post codes are different they actually identify places not just the suburb/city

  3. Redheaded2

    I have set up Unblock-US okay but now when putting in my visa card details it wouldn’t accept my zip code – any ideas what I do next??

  4. Roberto

    One can still get Netflix on a PC in NZ, via either UnblockUS or another provider, a lot less complicated, called Simple Telly. However the Roku players have now an in-built app that through google recognizes where the user is from and blocks it on the player.
    Only solution would be the IP having a global address system like Orcon and Slingshot, but their pricing is too high for unlimited fibre.

    No hope until Netflix launches in NZ in March 2015, and let’s hope they give us a similar pricing and movies line up as the US.

  5. isaac

    When using un-block US does having an american IP address affect sites in new zealand like trade-me?

    1. Lohan Hill Post author

      it may do, but you can disable unblock-us if you want browse locally

  6. Costas Chryssafis

    I want to cancel my netflix account. Please advise how I can do this.

    1. Lohan Hill Post author

      Contact Netflix just like when you signed up with them

  7. Neville Strange won’t let me set up an account as my IP address already has a free trial! How does that work?

  8. Emma

    Does anyone know of any sites that are showing the fourth season of The Killing here in NZ?

  9. Kate Mora

    Bought a ‘smart’ tv so I could have ‘netflix’ but it tells me to push a button on my ‘router’ which is a white slimline one from Vodafone and doesnt seem to have any buttons. Any solution would be appreciated.
    Another question is regarding ‘Netflix’ choices. We enjoy U.K. made programmes and wonder if Netflix has much. Also, we enjoy have multiple news channels and would like to give up Sky as it is so expensive. Although we can pick up ‘streaming’ on our laptop, is there a way we can watch RT on TV without paying for Sky?

  10. Helen Rogers

    Hi there, can you still use now that Netflix is streaming in NZ? I trialled another company (TellyPass – which you pay for) and it worked with the U.S. content for a couple of days (trial was for 7) then it wouldn’t allow access to Netflix. I phoned Netflix and they said that due to licensing restrictions in NZ that we can only have NZ content in NZ which I think had a really poor selection of programmes and movies! They said they would cancel my Netflix account if it continues. Is this correct and can I go ahead and use

    1. Lohan Hill Post author

      yes! you can and you will have access to the US Netflix with 600% more titles. When I’ve done this Netflix has said “Hey you’re on holidays!, while your in the US enjoy the extra content”

  11. Ash

    Hey! I’m trying to get netflix on my xbox 360. I’ve downloaded Netflix, did my email and password then selected 1 screen after that the billing information comes up and I’m putting in my Visa details but it says there’s something wrong with the details but I know I’ve put everything in right? Do I need to pay in advance considering it says I can have a free month trial before continuing? I’m confused because of this thing? Do I have to alter my DNS primary and secondary to access this American website or what? lol Thanks

  12. Zandra

    Hi all. Now that Global mode has gone I am trialing UnoTelly but I cant seem to get Netflix working. The webpage that comes up on my pc is the NZ one not the USA one & it wont play anything anyway. Says there is a problem, try later. I have been watching US Netflix for a year now so I am all set up just can’t get it working now. Keen to hear from anyone who had Global mode & what they are doing now to get US Netflix working. Also I have a Roku which says I’m in the wrong geo area even tho I have UnoTelly DNS address in my router & my pc. Thanks for anyones help


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