The Top Reality Shows on Netflix

Netflix USA is for everyone – the sitcom guys, the sports guys, the news buffs, and of course, the reality show fans. When it comes to reality shows on Netflix is like the deluxe assorted chocolate box – it’s got it all, and here’re some choice picks for you:

  1. Out of the Wild: VenezuelaOut of the Wild: Venezuela

This is for the extreme adventure fans or the people who like to read survival fiction. Unlike some other few shows in the in the same genre, Out of the Wild has more raw energy and keeps the viewers on thetoe, just like participants.

The show has nine adventurers battling through a 70-mile hike in the Venezuelan wilderness. Hypothermia, snakes, and starvation are a few common obstacles they need to face. You can’t get better viewing than this.

  1. Kitchen NightmaresKitchen Nightmares

This is not a cooking show if that’s what you have in mind.

This is more like an emergency situation where a patient is very much hanging on the line.

Chef Gordon Ramsey is the doctor on a mission – a mission to save sinking restaurants by taking over the kitchen and more.

The show is not only about the restaurants,but Gordon also changes the lives and attitudes of the owners and staff as well.




  1. Undercover BossUndercover Boss

Undercover Boss shows the kingpins (CEOs) of some of the largest companies go undercover to see what’s going on in their business.

Less on suspense and more on the fun side for those who are in on the secret (that’s us!), the CEOs join the office as a normal employee to work, get trained and be bossed around by their own subordinates.

They unearth some hidden gems, great team players and, of course, some nasty surprises along the way.

And keeping to the tradition of the Arabian Nights, the most deserving and best employees get a nice surprise as well.




  1. Top GearTop Gear

Top Gear needs no introduction.

For years, it has been the staple for fans of anything running on the roads.

If you love cars, then you know about this spectacular show.

The hosts are not only your average car geeks,but they also live and breathe cars from around the world, and are more than happy to share it in the most entertaining way possible.




  1. Sons of GunsSons of Guns

Making firearms has become an industry and lost the beauty of the master crafted weapons.

But the art of artisan firearms is not lost to us. Gunsmiths like Will and his team, of the custom firearm shop The Red Jacket, caters to the connoisseur of fine weaponry.

An absolute treat to watch the artists work their magic and making art out of instruments of death.





  1. Comic Book MenComic Book Men

This show is not for everyone. Just like shows on guns or bikes, these have a select group of viewers. The Comic Book Men has the diehard comic book fan as the loyal audience. Loving comic books is not about a geek, it’s all about loving the sense of adventure and fantasy, and the long for the colour world of dreams. This show is the perfect focal point for such dreamers around the world.

  1. Man vs.WildMan vs.Wild

Man vs. Wild is simply peerless in its sense of adventure. Where out of the wild has you biting your nails for the helpless participant, Man vs. Wild gives you Bear Grylls beating nature in every wilderness setting possible. This guy is an ex-British Special Force officer, and he is trained to win, every time! It’s unbelievable, even when you see it on TV how Bear makes surviving in harshest of environments look like a walk in the park.

  1. Gold RushGold Rush

Let’s get back to days of the Wild West and join the adventure of the soldiers of fortune. However, instead of riding through miles of scorching desert to set claims on gold digging plots, this time, it’s in the frozen plains of Alaska. More than the fight against nature, it is the gamble against fate and the suspense of going big on either winning or losing, which will glue you to your couch one of the great Netflix TV shows.

  1. MythbustersMythbusters

No reality TV shows on Netflix list is complete without this one. Mythbusters taught much more science than years of schooling could (in fact it busted many of the myths we picked up on our way through the years of schooling). Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are the real life pop culture scientists who take everything with a pinch of salt, a rather large one. They take on the most outrageous and popular myths of the pop culture and take it to the lab. Get ready for some serious fun!

  1. The Killer SpeaksThe Killer Speaks

The Killer Speaks cannot be categorized as a simple crime show. It doesn’t explain a crime or simply re-enact it to give you real life detective show. Rather it takes you on the grim world of the investigation itself. When seen without the glamorous filter of thriller novels, you get the true taste of the spine-chilling hate, fear, and anguish of each crime. What sets this show truly apart is the exclusive interview with the killer themselves. Not only why they committed the ghastly act is explained, but they also talk about how they felt. Not for the faint hearted.

  1. American PickersAmerican Pickers

This is a show for the hoarders among us, as well as the everyday treasure hunters. The show follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they search the American countryside for the relics from the young days of the country. They scour barns, basements, junkyards and places you wouldn’t dream of hiding a treasure from the past. And the fun doesn’t end at finding, you get to watch them buy priceless modern artefacts for trifles and later setting astonishing values to it.

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