Enjoying Netflix – New Zealand

New Zealand Territorial Restrictions No Longer Prevent You from Streaming Media the Way You Like It

State of the art movie and TV show streaming is no longer impossible in NZ: if they want Netflix, New Zealand inhabitants can easily have it with the help of an easy-to-use, ingenious proxy service called unblock.us.

“But why bother at all about using Netflix when there are so many other video sites that are available in New Zealand as well?” – I hear you ask.

Well, let’s start with a few advantages of using Netflix and when you are convinced, we will show you how to use Express VPN as well.

The Advantages of Using Netflix

Quality and convenience are two of the most important advantages, but the list of benefits can go on and on:

  • Low fees – Netflix is the cheapest way to get high quality movies. If you are really passionate about movies or TV shows, you probably watch at least three films a week (probably more). If you divide the small fee you have to pay for availing yourself to an unlimited number of movies, you will see that Netflix will give you the best price-quantity ratio.
  • Quality – with Netflix streaming, the only limits to quality are the capacity of the image processing unit in the device you use and your bandwidth. Netflix materials are always of the highest quality, allowing you to watch movies in full-HD quality.
  • Selection – whatever movie or show you can think of, you can probably find it in the Netflix data base. The library is enriched with new releases on a daily basis, so if there is a new movie you are very much interested in, you will surely find it on Netflix within a week or less from the premiere.


How to Access Netflix – New Zealand, Australia and Other Countries Can Also Benefit from these Advantages

With all the advantages that Netflix offers, the site has one major disadvantage: it is available only in North America and some countries in Europe. However, this drawback does not have to put you in a state of despair: you must know that, despite the restrictions applied by Netflix, New Zealand viewers can also have access to the site’s services and its immense database through a really great, easy to use and cheap proxy service called unblock.us.

Proxies are servers which act as an intermediary between you and the resource you are trying to access online, allowing you to stay anonymous or change your IP. However, online streaming is a very bandwidth-intensive activity, so you need a really high quality connection to be able to enjoy your movies.

Unblock.us is not just a simple proxy is – it is a VPN (virtual private network), which offers much faster connection than simple proxy services, making it the best solution for streaming. If you live in New Zealand and you are a big movie or TV show fan, you can easily use Netflix New Zealand style, by accessing unblock.us, which will assign your device a U.S.-based IP address and will get you ready to start streaming.

If you want to stream movies or TV shows online through Netflix, New Zealand territorial restrictions can no longer limit you: all you have to do is create an account for you on unblock.us and you are ready to stream.

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